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A Connectionist Approach In the system ANIMA, we informally introduce dynamic mindmaps that represent a new approach on the basis of a dynamic construction of connectionist structures during the processing of a data stream. This allows the representation and processing of recursively defined structures and avoids the problem of a more traditional, fixed-size architecture with the processing of input structures of unknown size. For a data stream analysis with an association discovery, the incremental analysis of data leads to results on demand. Here, we describe a framework that uses symbolic cells to calculate associations based on transactional data streams as it exists in e.g. bibliographic databases. We follow a natural paradigm of applying simple operations on cells yielding on a mind-map structure that adapts over time.


Automatic Creations


Text Streams

Our work is listed under en.wikipedia as follows: there have been some attempts to create mind maps automatically. Brucks & Schommer created mind maps automatically from full-text streams. Rothenberger et al. extracted the main story of a text and presented it as mind map.


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