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Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive System Concepts


(Deep Learning & Arts; Matisse style)

We are researchers across the disciplines with interest in collaborative and multi-disciplinary research. From left to right: Joshgun, Juliana, Katya, Daniela, Christoph, Siwen, and Vladimir. Missing: Federico (in Bologna), Alejandro (at European Investment Bank), NN, Andre and Isabelle.


Current Members

Prof Dr Christoph Schommer, Department of Computer Science
Dr Vladimir Despotovic, Department of Computer Science
Dr Siwen Guo, Department of Computer Science
Dr. Joshgun Sirajzade (see Strips)
MSc. Ekaterina Kamlovskaya: Approaching Indigenous Australian History with Word Embeddings. Member of DHH Doctoral School.


N.N. - PhD candidate sought: NLP and Machine Learning. Please end your application here; Deadline: 28 January 2020


Andre Stemper (Admin), Department of Computer Science
Isabelle Schroeder (Secretary), Department of Computer Science

Other Members

  • Dr Julianna Stropp: Taxon-­‐Time. Marie Curie Fellowship: Rediscovering biodiversity using big data to trace taxonomic knowledge through time.
  • Msc. Federico Galli: The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive in the age of AI and personalization (PhD thesis; with Prof Sartor, University of Bologna, Italy - LAST-JD program)
  • MSc. Alejandro Raboso Campos (external PhD candidate; European Investment Bank): Artificial Intelligence for unstructured data analysis in fundamental value investments.