Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive System Concepts


(Deep Learning & Arts; Matisse style)

We are researchers across the disciplines with interest in collaborative and multi-disciplinary research.


Current Members (March 2021)

  • Prof Dr Christoph Schommer
  • Isabelle Schroeder, Secretarian
  • Dr Vladimir Despotovic
  • { Dr Juliane Tatrinov (06/21-) }
  • Dr Juliana Stropp (Marie-Curie Fellow)
  • Federico Galli, PhD Candidate
  • Daniel Karpati, PhD Candidate
  • Nina Hosseini, PhD Candidate
  • Aliona Codrean, PhD Candidate (external)
  • N.N., PhD candidate (will be announced soon)
  • Alejandro Raboso Campos, PhD Candidate (with European Investment Bank)
  • Léo Hillah, Master Candidate
  • Pin Zhu, Master Candidate (with IEE)
  • Trang Thi Huyen Trang HOANG, Master Candidate (with P&T)
  • Bernadeta Chiserau, Bachelor Candidate (FU Berlin)