Associated Members

Bachelor and Master Thesis Projects

  • Ramya Ramamurthi (Master Candidate): An Enhanced Chatbot with Character-based Associative Memories
  • Thierry Zigrand (Bachelor Candidate): Turing Test, Chatbots, Dialogue Systems
  • Ana Marquez: Robot Football, NAO
  • Yan Medernach: Robot Football, NAO
  • Elida van Nierop: Text Analysis
  • Rik Lamesch: Text Analaysis
  • Alessandro Temperoni: Text Analysis
  • Soumya Ramakrishna: Text Analysis
  • Laurent Grober (Master Thesis): Automated Generation of the Chatbot Dialogue Scripts from the Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus
  • Bharathi Vijayakumar (Master Thesis): Formative Feedback for a QuizBot
  • Aqiong Zheng: Artificial Chatbots
  • Simon Bandella: Image Understanding; Old Maps