artificial convivial companions


We are facing a world where autonomous systems will change our daily life. In addition to self-driving vehicles and drones, an increasingly networked home, or the use of intelligent artificial agents as assistants, our belief is that innovative language-based companions offer a great potential, for example, for a language learning or for natural language-based conversations. We, hereby, follow Yorick Wilkes's idea to create artificial companions to be designed to help people and to "study conversational software-based artificial agents that will get to know their owners over a substantial period. These could be developed to advise, comfort and carry out a wide range of functions to support diverse personal and social needs, such as to be an ‘artificial companion’ for the elderly, helping their owners to learn, or assisting to sustain their owners’ fitness and health." (Source: M. Peltu, Y. Wilks: Close Engagements with Artificial Companions: Key Social, Psychological, Ethical and Design Issues. Oxford Internet Institute (2008).

related projects

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current members


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