Christoph Schommer


Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer
Email: christoph.schommer @
Phone: +352 466644-5228

Research Interests
Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Applications of Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery, Natural Language Processing.

Curriculum Vitae, narrative

I studied Computer Science at the Saarland University and Artificial Intelligence at the German Research Center for AI in Saarbrücken. After, I worked for 8 years at IBM R&D as an IT Architect in worldwide service projects in the area of Business Intelligence. At the same time, I completed my doctorate at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. In October 2003, I moved to the newly founded University of Luxembourg.

Currently, I lead a research group with 1 (+1) postdoctoral researcher and 9 PhD students as well as 4 Master students. I host a visiting researcher from the University of Rome and a visiting professor from the University of Seville.

I am a scientific reviewer for the Dutch Research Council, the German Research Foundation (DFG), Elsevier, Leibniz, Springer, IEEE, among others, and served as a scientific reviewer for more than 100 conferences such as IJCAI, AAMAS, ACM, CogSci, ECML - to name a few. I regularly organise lecture series and am author of about 100 scientific papers.

I work in an interdisciplinary way and have supervised/co-supervised 30 PhD students in Luxembourg, Leuven, Bologna, Turin and London. I have held about 180 courses at the University of Luxembourg (mostly: computer science, but also in mathematics and finance; integrative parts in philosophy and medicine) and in Berlin, Potsdam, Beijing and Singapore. Further engagements in Seville and Linz will follow in the course of the year.

I am constantly present in the media, i.e., in newspapers, radio, internet and TV. I support events for schools (Girls Days, Chercheurs à l'ecole) and researches and consults in numerous projects, for example with local institutes (e.g. C2DH, LIST, Script), with industry (e.g. SERV, Thomson Reuters, RTL, CISCO, GoodYear, and others). I have co-led projects within the Esch22/AI&Art Pavilion and the AI Robolab of the University of Luxembourg. With my research group members, we work in the border area of AI and Data Science and deal specifically with applications of Artificial Intelligence in a multi-disciplinary context, for example in the field of data analysis with Machine Learning or the processing of natural language. We are researching aspects such as the automatic summarization of texts, chatbot systems that are intended to stimulate communication between human communication partners, speech recognition, for example from Parkinson's patients, the use of Generative AI for storytelling (history), or also rather theoretical aspects such as fairness in connection with AI or ethical considerations.

We are currently working very intensively with the C2DH (e.g., as part of the FNR PRIDE: Deep Data Science for a Digital History), the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FNR IPBG project Collaboration21, with CISCO and Script), with the Scienteens Lab (BECOS project - become a computer scientist), with the European Investment Bank (project: evaluation of companies), and other industrial partners such as LIST as well as with the universities in Rome, Linz and Seville and Ars Electronica in the field of AI and Art. In teaching, we represent courses such as Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Databases and support students from other departments and universities. Another commitment in the field of knowledge transfer is continuous contact with schools and the media, also through our participation in the AI RoboLab, the Computational Creativity Hub and the Debate Series "Lets Talk about AI" that are supported by the FNR (PSP Classic).

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